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Business Profile Videos

Some of your best work goes unseen

Our smaller Northern communities have a reputation for slow change.

The names of our local businesses and organizations are so familiar that's it is easy to think that everyone already knows who you are and what you do.

But what about all of your efforts that are hidden from the public eye? The reasons you do what you do? The people that make it happen? The story that connects to the greater community as a whole?

Attract customers, partnerships, donors, and volunteers by showcasing what makes your organization special

Profile videos are short documentary style videos that give a behind the scenes look at your services, products, or charity work.

We help you get your video on Youtube or other video sharing sites so it can reach an online audience.

How To Book:

  1. Contact me to let me know you're interested. If you have a deadline, please let me know up front.
  2. We'll setup the initial consultation, preferably in person. Phone, Facetime, Skype, etc. if necessary.
  3. If we're a good fit, we pick a shooting date.
  4. Sign the simple contract, make a 50% deposit, and we're good to go!

Case Study: The Dish

Our aim was to encourage locals who hadn't tried out the restaurant yet to give it a chance. What ended up happening was even better, and more surprising.

The Dish is a 24 seat modern cuisine restaurant in Kirkland Lake, Ontario operated by husband and wife owners, Matt Schram and Katie Dolan.

We took the cameras inside the kitchen to give a up close look at Matt as he prepared dishes. We combined those clips with interview footage of Matt explaining why they started the restaurant, some of their guiding philosophies and beliefs, and a bit about what they offer. We then uploaded the video to Youtube and shared it on The Dish's Facebook page.

The Results:

Most importantly, some of the comments confirmed we were reaching the right people. The Dish had been open for over two years, and some people said they hadn't heard of it, despite living in town!

The video also reached a lot of former KLers, who stated their eagerness to try the restaurant on their next visit back. It would be way too expense to use newspaper, radio, or TV ads to reach these people in their respective new towns and cities. It was the combination of video and the Facebook post that made it possible.

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